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I brush my lips across the ink on his chest, letting my tongue slide across his salty skin until I've licked both of his nipple piercings. Never has a man tasted so good to me. Maybe it's because I don't have my guard up with him. I know he won’t hurt me physically, so I can get lost in the moment with him. 

His hands continue to slide over my body. Slowly. Torturously slow as I find myself aching to feel him inside me so quickly. He lifts me into his arms and walks us both into the shower. He sets my back against the wall, freeing his hands to begin unraveling me once again. His beard tickles my chest and I just hold my hands against the wall and let him explore. 

My nipples harden when he pours the soap over my chest. He uses his hands to spread the soap over me, covering me with a layer of lather while the water runs beside us. I watch his hands move, burning this into my head, knowing this is the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life. 

His hands slide down to where we both meet. Between my legs and around his waist. He moves them up his stomach and over his chest, just as slowly as he did across mine. I lift my eyes to his and find him watching my face. 

The steam begins to make my hair damp and I can feel it sticking to my face. He runs his tongue over his bottom lip and I lose all control.

I wrap my arms around his neck and pull myself against him. I dive in for a kiss so rough that I can hardly comprehend anything else. He lifts me around him further, then slides me down onto his thick erection, pulling his face away from mine as he does.

"Watch me." He thrusts forward, filling me deeply.

"Watch me love you." He turns so that I'm back against the wall and places his arms on the wall next to my face, leaning in closer. His mouth is right in front of mine.

"Watch me fuck you." He looks so deep into my eyes and I swear my heart skips a thousand beats.

"Watch me make you forget everything else." He rolls his hips forward, sending me clutching on to reality in an instant. I lean my head back and close my eyes, feeling him deeper this time.

"Watch me, Six." I open my eyes to look into his once again.

"Remember this when you sleep at night." Then he leans in to kiss me with so much passion and strength. Feeling him so deep inside me while he begins kissing my face, then my neck, chest, and shoulders is about to undo me. I'm trying so hard to stick with him and enjoy every slide of his tongue, but shit if this isn't so damn hot.

I let my hands glide down his back, feeling the muscles ripple the whole way down. I love strong shoulders and a gorgeous back on a man. I can tell his is perfection by just feeling it under the soap I'm spreading around.

He thrusts harder, smashing me tighter against the wall. He has me completely at his mercy and I have no intentions of stopping him any time soon. Turning us so that we're under the water once again, never slowing his kiss, he slides his arms under my thighs, lifting me and lowering me onto him over and over. With each drop against his body, I can feel myself getting closer to an orgasm. 

A moan slips from my mouth and he begins to move me faster until I can't hold back another second. I can't stop the loud cries as I lose it in his arms. It takes minutes of me trembling until I'm pulled back into the reality of him fucking me still. 

"Fuckkkk, Blade."

"You feel so good like this. That sweet pussy wrapped around my dick, clenching it each time I pull back. I could fuck you all night." I'm not going to argue. Please do. Please fuck me just like this all night. His plan is working, because right now I'm not thinking of one fucking thing, except his dick. His dick inside me. Rendering me at a loss for words.  

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