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New Releases, A Freebie & A Sale

Hi everyone! I have a couple of New Releases and some awesome sales going on.

New Releases: Ridin' Dirty and Pick Your Pleasure!

Excerpt from Ridin' Dirty!

They say you’ll feel a deep connection when you find the person you’re meant for. When he hits me so deep that it causes me to gasp… I wonder if this is the depths they’re talking about. Or is it the gravity of the pull in his eyes as he stares so deep into mine that I swear he’s ripping apart everything I know, exploding the pieces of myself I swore to keep protected from any man. ~Harley

Last Day Available for .99 cents and free in KU!

Amazon US:

Excerpt from Pick Your Pleasure

“You can sit with me… I promise not to touch you. In fact, I can’t.” “Oh… you have a girlfriend?” I ask the obvious question, expecting him to tell me he does. "No." “A wife?” “Nope…” “You gay?” Because in my experience, any man this hot is either taken or gay. “Fuck no.” That got a rise out of him and made me smile. “Did you swear off women or something?” “Something like that.” I step closer, left with very little choice but to accept his offer. My other options, even though they sound intriguing, are much more terrifying as I hear another loud group of people walking by on the street below. Maybe spending some time with a guy that looks like pure sex will make me not want to kill Mollie for ditching me. “That’s good, because I’ve sworn off men too.” I pretend that I’m not interested as I sit next to him and spread out to match his silhouette. “You a lesbian?” I should’ve known that question was coming. I deserve it. “Not yet, although I have considered testing out that lifestyle if I have to deal with another asshole in my life.” Before I can finish saying what I was trying to say… he flips the back of my chair level, sending me flat on my back before he climbs over me. My breath catches with him this close and it takes every ounce of self-control not to reach up and draw my nails over his back to persuade him to lower his body on top of mine. “You saying you don’t prefer dick?” “Uh… no. I actually like it.” Andddd my mind goes wild with all the things I should be saying as the words I want to say clash against all logic, creating absolute insanity. So, I chose to say nothing else. He smells clean. Like fresh out of the shower clean. My eyes are pulled to his shoulders, watching them flex as he lowers himself just slightly before he pushes himself up again. His repetitive movement inflating the already wound up craving of an actual man to touch me in all the right ways. It’s been a bit since I’ve had any true relief in the sex department. That would require one to actually leave her apartment and do something besides work. He slams me back to reality when he allows his hips to drop, grinding into mine and allowing me to feel the growing bulge just under the thin material of a pair of athletic shorts. His thickness slides up my thigh and over my pelvic bone before he closes his eyes with a sharp exhale. He lowers his face to mine, breathing against my cheek while his hips continue to flex, sending us both into an alternative reality of what we thought would happen up here tonight. He lets out a small moan before he allows his full weight to blanket me with the heat of his body. If you would’ve asked me if I’d do something like this twenty minutes before now, I would’ve told you no, but now I’m coming apart from the inside out, hoping he’ll move this to the next level and blow my mind. His grip on the chair beside my head shifts as he raises his body in a push up once again. “Take out my cock.” Holy shit. A tiny glimpse of how stupid this is flashes through my mind and before I can acknowledge it, he’s coercing me again. “Reach in and grip it with your tiny fucking hands. Slide those silky fingers around it and then tell me you’re thinking about pussy when you do.” His deep whisper sends a spike of desperation through my body, giving me the strength and courage to do exactly what he says. Who am I to deny my curiosity what it wants? “You said there’d be no touching.” “No, I said I wouldn’t touch you. Good thing you didn’t make that promise.”

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from 'Tap Out', which is one of my stories in Pick Your Pleasure! Mavick and Kinsley seem to be the most popular story of mine in this group of short stories! Tell me what you think! #HesAFighter #NewOrleans #FreeInKU #99Cents


Today only!

You can get Ice for Free and Fire for .99! Tomorrow Fire goes up to 1.99, then Wednesday it's back up to regular price. If you haven't read this series... now is your chance to get started on it!

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May 09, 2018

These look amazing!!!


May 09, 2018

Ice and Fire are absolutley Amazing ❤❤❤


May 08, 2018

Thank you! WOW!!

(Cassandra D Happyb)


May 08, 2018

Just picked up Ice. Will get Fire later. Thank you.


May 08, 2018

Ohh sounds HOT...

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