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Freebie plus a sexy excerpt from In a Hearteat


I hope you've all had an amazing week! I have one last Birthday Month Freebie to share with everyone! If you've never met the Walker Twins... here's your chance! To this day these books are reader favorites!

~Watch for a few more announcements in my upcoming emails!

~ I hope everyone is having an amazing summer <3 Enjoy each day and remember to be kind! It looks sexy on ya! ~Hil

Check out the infamous 'Ass Drumming' scene from In a Heartbeat!


“You have to listen to the music. Shut out the world and listen to the rhythm.” She sits up next to me in the bed and this time I let her wrap up in the sheet. She has it wrapped around her chest and tucked in at the top so it doesn’t fall unless I happen to yank it free. As the song starts I hand her the sticks and lay back. She’s in the middle of the bed facing the headboard so I grab a pillow and set it in front of her lap and then lie back to watch her every move.

“Close your eyes and listen. Hit the pillow when you feel the beat.” I watch her as she starts to respond. She has her eyes closed, but has a small smile on her lips. Her head is bowed almost like she’s shy, so I crank up the volume to the level that I’m used to practicing to so she can get lost. She stops smiling as she moves her head to a semblance of the rhythm.

I kneel behind her and guide her hands toward the pillow encouraging her to express what she’s feeling. Her reaction to the music is more conservative than mine, but she’s definitely hearing it, so I lay back down beside her and take in the look on her face.

She’s fucking gorgeous. I’ve always kept my music separate from my love life. Nicole wasn’t really interested in it and our band was something we were just talking about starting back then. We hadn’t really found everyone to complete the group until we found Luke. I always practiced, but only when I wasn’t with Nicole.

Eaven seems very interested in music. She’s always asking questions and encouraging me to make it to practice at Luke’s even when I would rather spend time with her.

As the song is ending, I look over and notice she’s missing a few of the beats.

“Hey, lay down on your stomach and let me have the sticks. I’m going to replay the song and play it out on your calves. Just feel. I want you to feel what I hear in the song.” I know I’m going to have to hold back doing this so I don’t hurt her, but the bite of the drum sticks will still be payback for her bite against my chest. The promise of what’s to come has my dick twitching with just the thought of it.

She props her head to the side, resting on her arms and lying down on her stomach. The sheet is twisted around her and covers most of her back, leaving just enough of her ass visible for me to see where the roundness of her cheeks begin.

I let the song begin and start my assault of her senses. I look at her face and see that she has her eyes closed. Her face isn’t grimacing in pain, but merely focused on listening and feeling at the same time. As the song ramps up, I increase the speed and the strength behind each tap. I notice her calves are getting red, so I move to the upper part of her legs.

Another glance at her face and I see her biting down on her bottom lip. Fuuuuck! She’s so damn responsive.


Oh. My. God.

I’m not sure I can take this until the song ends. I’m supposed to be focused on the rhythm of the song and all I can think about is that I want him to play even higher up my body than he is. Don’t forget to add harder. I would probably quit breathing and pass out. He’s freaking fast with his hands. Speed like that is just unnatural… and a complete turn on.

He moves his way to my butt. The sheet mostly covers it, but he hits the bare skin periodically giving a sharper sting than the strikes that land on the sheet. He pauses long enough to run his hands over my cheeks and slide the sheet higher, slowly tormenting me with his touch.

Resuming my massage, he strikes again, this time without the barrier of the sheet. I tighten my muscles only to find out that causes it to burn hotter, so I force myself to relax again and release the breath I’ve been holding.

Thankful that the song is almost through, I’m finally able to breathe normal. I’m one touch from screaming through the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had, so I fight like hell to hold it in out of fear of the awkwardness of such a scene.

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18 sept 2018

Looks to be a read but I am on

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01 ago 2018

Hope you had a Happy Birthday!! Thank you!!

Me gusta

01 ago 2018

Thank you for the freebie. Looking forward to read this.

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31 jul 2018

Thank you and Happy Bday year!! Keep having fun.

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