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Read Chapter One of Notorious King


My body shivers while the sound of muffled music throbs through my mind and vibrates the small space I just woke up in. Everything is pitch black.

I rotate my wrists trying to break the binding that won’t budge behind my back. Even my ankles are roped together so tight that I’ve lost feeling in my toes. My heels are gone; I guess being barefoot is the one thing I should be thankful for.

Flashes of the blind date that left me in this predicament strobe through the forefront of my thoughts. His obnoxious comments sent me out the restaurant’s back door and that’s the last bit of light I remember. His name was Brock.

Even though I should be ballistic, I don’t seem to have the energy to panic anymore as my memory begins to fade in and out once again.

My eyes are covered and soaked from the wetness of my own tears and whatever they’ve used to blind me and no matter how hard I try, I can’t twist or turn enough to get it off. I finally allow my body to relax against the restraints and wait for my fate. What other choice do I have?

The rumble of the road beneath me shifts as the sound of rocks crunching under the tires take over my attention before the car comes to a stop. The cold rain coats my back as soon as the trunk opens and I make the mistake of inhaling at the shock of it.

“She’s awake.” A pair of rough hands yank me from the tiny space before I’m tossed over a shoulder, still bound up with no possible way to fight. I can hear at least two sets of footsteps walking behind us and until they each make a sound I only assumed they’re men. The thought of what the three of them plan to do terrifies me, even though I’m forcing myself to remain silent when everything inside me wants to scream in hysterics.

As soon as the door opens, we’re greeted with an angry female voice. “Put her with the rest of them.” Her accent is heavy and before I get a chance to try to burn the details into memory, a sound that I’ll never forget ricochet’s straight to my core.

Screaming. Blood curdling screams echo around me and force me to the realization that I’m not alone and this isn’t a simple kidnapping. Behind the deafening shrieks of the nightmare that has become my reality, I can hear crying. Even though I’m trying to count how many different cries there are as we pass, I lose count somewhere after nine.

This is much larger than any scenario my mind had allowed before he carried me into the building.

My body begins to shut down as the shock absorbs my emotions. The sound of metal clicking before he tosses me to the floor on my back makes me think I’m in some sort of jail cell. My body hurts, but I refrain from crying out when I land.

“I can’t wait to get my turn with you.” His breath hits my cheek and nausea sends my stomach into a twisting fit as everything overwhelms me. I’m not sure if I inhale with a gasp because of his words, or if it was another girl nearby, but I hear it.

He uses a tight grip on my hair to lift me to my knees. “Stay on your fucking knees. This is where I’ll start you if you’re good.” He makes a promise as if I’d enjoy it. As if I should be honored to be in this exact position at hisfeet.

I can’t even see him, but the sound of his voice disgusts me. Repulses me beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I can almost feel my body garnering enough will-power to fight all of this, but choose to go the other direction and shut everything down when he slides a finger down my chest.

Everything goes silent as my mind slips into my safe place. He must sense my departure, because the loud slamming of the door clanking closed is the next thing that gets my attention. “Get her ready. They’ll be here in an hour and I want this one in the lineup.”

I shift on my knees and try to ignore the rough concrete scraping my skin. Soft whimpers to each side of me remind me again that I’m not alone in my torture at the same time they give me hope that I can overcome this. I still can’t see a thing, but that doesn’t stop me from turning in each direction while I take in every single sound and detail.

“How long have you been here?” I speak to my right after I decide that girl is closer.

“We have a talker in cell twenty-nine.” The deep voice scares me even though it wasn’t close enough to be in the same cell as me.

“Is that right?” The female moves closer as she talks. “Bear told me she’s his favorite. Should’ve known she’d be my shit starter. He likes the ones that fight.” I listen as the latch on my cell opens and she walks closer. Her heels hit the concrete with each step she takes.

Her long nails scratch my scalp as she grips my hair so she can shift my head to her liking. “Nice profile. Good tits. Skin is flawless. You’ll bring in a fuck ton of money. Hell… you just became my favorite too.” I cross the tips of two of my fingers grasping at any chance to remain calm even though my insides are screaming while her words just solidified what I was most worried about.

They’re going to sell me.

They’re going to sell me after they do god knows what to me and I don’t have a single chance in hell at stopping them.

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