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Read Chapter One & Two of Taboo


Chapter One


"How many fucking people are in my house, Levi?" He can barely hear me as I yell at him through the phone and try to get him to hear me over the background noise.

"Man, I've got us a few newbies tonight, just wait till you see the ass and tits I have lined up for us." Damn him. The last thing I wanted was a house full of temptation tonight. This new ink and the irritation of sitting all damn day have left me in a shitty mood.

"Levi. You're a dick."

"Aw, you know I got you. I'll even let you pick first."

"You're fuckin’ right, you will."

"Get your ass here before I change my mind." He hangs up on me and I start my truck to get home as quickly as possible. I need to make sure they’re not tearing up my damn house.

He has to find a place soon. I can't deal with this shit every night. He lets too many people through the doors and my house is getting torn up. When I throw a party, it's precise and only the best of the best are invited. He just tosses shit on the bar and cranks the music then calls it a party, inviting any piece of ass he runs into that day.

I'm still thinking about all of his bullshit when I shift gears harder than I mean to pulling onto my street, and that even pisses me off. Fucking Levi.

I pull beside the driveway and begin cursing out loud. Someone parked a topless Jeep in my fucking parking spot. I should have that piece of shit towed. The sound of music starting up and the vibrating of the windows pull my attention away from the driveway and directly into the window of my living room.

There are about twenty people that I can see, mostly women. I glance around to look at the rest of the cars and trucks parked on my grass and all down the street. Shit. I'm obviously not seeing nearly enough people in the window to account for all of these vehicles.

I open the door and it's like a damn deja vu. This is the kind of shit I did in college. Alcohol everywhere. Tits and ass everywhere. Loose women ready to do anything to make it to the bedroom hanging all over the few guys in the room.

"Noah! Look who I met today on campus." My eyes move to hers. I know those eyes.

"Kali?" Her eyes fall. The look of disinterest is noted. Levi begins walking toward me, leaving the three women behind. She's one of his trio. Fucker always picks three. It's a guarantee he'll get pussy. Hell, most of the time it means he's getting at least a threesome.

"Yeah, it's Kali. Look at those tits, man. She's grown the fuck up."

"Dude. Shut up."

"Aw, it's not like she's your sister anymore."

"I don't need you telling me what she is." She turns away from me and starts talking to a group of girls, acting like I'm not standing right here watching her every move.

"She's my pick." I lay claim to her before he has the chance to put his hands on her. Levi is a friend of mine, and that's the reason I want him to stay away from her. I know exactly how he is.

"No fucking way." He starts to walk away like I won't stop him dead in his tracks. I follow him, keeping my cool, for the meanwhile anyway. He stops near where he was standing before and I move in close to his ear.

"It's not fucking negotiable. Touch her and I will gut you." The cocky fucking smirk on his face goes all over me. He begins to stare into my eyes before I turn to leave the room, grabbing the bottle of Jack from the coffee table as I walk past.

Every room in my house is filled with people and shit is starting to already get trashed. What little patience I had before I walked into this house exits my body when I slam the back door. Maybe the night air will keep me from killing him.

She looks different. She's not supposed to look like that. It's been a few years since I last saw her and that night was a disaster.

I tip the bottle back and feel the liquid burn my insides. Trying to block these feelings, I continue to down the liquid fire, knowing it will only help me get through this night. If nothing else, it will make me not give a shit about anything. It's like I'm calling out for that idiot I've been trying to outgrow to come to the surface.

I sit near the fire pit, listening to the water from the waterfall as it hits the pool. It's starting to feel peaceful out here, even though I can hear the noise inside. It's not long before I can feel the effects of the alcohol, which I welcome.

I pull my shirt over my head to look at my new chest piece. It's sore as fuck, but exactly what I wanted.

The sound of the door opening pulls my attention toward her. She closes it behind her, stepping out onto the patio to talk on her phone. I just watch her as she moves in those heels.

"He's here." Who's here?

"Yeah, just come and get me. I shouldn't have come. I knew Levi would lead me to him, but I guess he's not interested." What in the fuck?

"Just text when you get here." She lowers her phone and starts to go back inside. I don't stop her. She needs to get the fuck out of here and now is the perfect time.

Seeing her is getting to me more than I want to admit. She’s always been a sore spot with me and that was before she literally turned into a woman that can steal the breath from my chest with just a simple look at her. Fuck, when did she start looking like this? I need to get her the hell out of my mind.

I slide my hoodie over my shoulders, leaving it open in the front before I take another huge swig of Jack and then go back inside. There’s only one way to make her leave here and never look back. It's time to fucking party.

The second I step inside, a blonde moves in. It's as if she was waiting on me to return. This back room has cleared out, but I can still hear the party is going strong.

She runs her fingers inside my jacket and around my waist then presses her tits against me. I'm so fucking glad she's as short as she is because she misses the tattoo, just barely. Glancing over her head, I notice Kali has entered the room and is watching us. She's not upset at all and I need her to fucking hate me. I need her to walk the fuck away and never look back.

I slide my hand up the blonde's short skirt, grabbing ass and dipping my fingers inside her. Using the other hand to release her tits, I lower my lips to lick the fake perfection filling my hand. She's still watching. I can feel her.

The blonde's hands begin to open the button to my jeans and the feel of her grip on me has to be the reason I'm so hard. I refuse to believe it has anything to do with Kali watching me.

The blonde begins to kneel in front of me, exposing me even more to Kali. Her mouth around my cock feels warm and so damn good. It's instinct to wrap my hands in her hair and hold her close, that's the usual.... It's not normal for me to be looking into another woman's eyes the entire time I'm getting blown.

Someone walks into the room, causing Kali to turn and walk out. I don't even look to see who it was that entered, it's irrelevant. Mission accomplished.

I let the blonde finish me off; hell, she even swallows like a fucking champ. She tries to push for more, but honestly I'm not in the mood. I got mine; she shouldn't be such a whore, dropping to her knees so quickly.

"Nah, I'm good." I pull my pants up, leaving her standing there. She'll be pissed off, but I'm sure she'll get hers from someone else tonight.A whore always does.

I open the door to the rest of the house, glancing around to make sure she's gone. I don't see her, so I go upstairs to my bedroom. I'm over this night and all this fucking mess that Levi seems to get me in.

I send him a text to get everyone out of my house NOW. He'll take his sweet fuckin time, but at least this will get the ball rolling. I dial Mandy. She has to get her brother a place to stay tomorrow.

"What's up?"

"I need you to find this asshole a place. Tomorrow."

"What did he do?"

"Every fucking night is a damn party. I'm through with that shit. I like my house quiet unless I'm the one making the fucking noise." I lie back on my bed and sprawl out as she continues to talk.

"I'll see what I can find."

"It's only because he's your brother and we go way back that I haven't thrown his ass out already."

"And I appreciate that. I'll do what I can tomorrow."

"What're you wearing?"

"Noah.... You know I'm not going to play with you."

"Yeah. Can't blame me for trying."

"I've grown to expect it. How many are there tonight?"

"My house is full of drunks."

"Go find you a piece of ass out there."

"I didn't see any that I wanted."

"I'm sure if you drank, you'd find someone that fits your standards. Especially since those standards change with alcohol."

"Hey now."

"You can't even deny it, Noah."

"Tell me how soft your tits are."

"Goodnight, Noah."


"Noah, seriously. You know how fucking soft my tits are. You know they're a full-size D, and you know exactly how it feels to run your tongue over them."

"Keep talking."

"NOAH. I'll see you tomorrow." I hear the line go silent. Why do we have to be so good at fucking and so terrible at relationships? I've known Mandy since high school, and Levi is her twin.

She's always had her shit together, whereas Levi is obviously a different story. That's exactly why I've spent more of my life chilling with Levi, but things have changed. I'm not ready to go backwards in life where my house is constantly trashed and the cops are called just to keep the noise down.

Chapter Two


I lie there mostly in the dark and start to think about Kali. No matter how hard I try to switch my thoughts to, hell even Mandy, I can’t help but stay focused on the way she looked watching me. There's no doubt in my mind that she was turned on watching me. I swear if it would've been another woman standing there like that, I would've walked away from the blow job and approached her just out of curiosity. Anyone who can handle that has to be a fuckin freak. Knowing the woman that I constantly think about is at that level... should flip me the fuck out, but damn it, it doesn't. It intrigues me.

I stand and remove my jeans, dropping everything to the floor. My dick is twitching back to life and I start to consider walking back out there to bring a piece of ass into my room to play for the night. I need to wash the last whore off of me first. In fact, a hot shower sounds damn perfect. I can still hear the party going strong, even though I told that fucker to end it. He has until I finish this shower and pull my pick for the night to get people out of my fucking house.

Tossing my phone on the dresser near the bathroom door, I glance at the picture of me with my dad that sits under the only lamp lit in the room. I’m almost positive that picture had to be that summer we moved away from Kali and her mom. I had just turned eight…. she would’ve been six. I remember being confused by what was happening. That summer was the beginning of the life I would come to know all too well with a drunken father that doesn’t even give a fuck if his son eats. I haven’t seen him in years and don’t plan to see that asshole anytime soon.

I stop dead in my tracks right after I step into the bathroom. That silhouette caught my attention. I really need to get my head out of my ass and take notice of my surroundings. It wasn’t until the bathroom light hit that corner of the room that I even had a feeling I was being watched.

I could let her off easily and just get into the shower, allowing her to escape…. but what’s the fun in that?

Instantly opening the door and taking a step back, I begin to move around the room. She’s standing now, frozen in mid step, but I don’t let on that I see her.

What the fuck is she doing in my bedroom?This shit is getting out of control. It's one thing for my mind to be thinking of her, but for her to keep showing up in my actual fucking space... that's a different situation altogether.

My anger starts to spark thoughts of how to handle this and I quickly choose to teach her a lesson. She should've never walked through the front door of my house, let alone the fucking door to where I sleep.

Grabbing a pair of shorts, I walk to the door on a mission as I step through each leg. This is a moment I'm going to say a silent thank you to Levi for being a pain in my ass and not listening about getting everyone out quickly because I can still hear the crowd. Turning the light on and leaving the door open, I step out into the hallway.

There's a hot brunette walking down the hall toward the room Levi is currently staying in.

"Hey." She turns her head with a sexy over the shoulder look and stops in her tracks at the sound of my voice.

"Oh, hey." Her hands go to her long hair as she starts to twirl one finger through a few strands.

I don't take a step out of my doorway, there's no fucking way I'm letting the person behind that silhouette escape before she gets an eye full of why she needs to stay the fuck away from me.

"Come here." The brunette turns and walks her sexy ass straight toward me. Her legs go on for days in those heels and that short red dress. Each of her steps is directly in front of the last, causing her hips to move with perfection. Shit, this will be such a perfect lesson for Kali.

"What can I help you with?" Her eyelashes have to be fake, they're too perfect not to be.

"Tell me you have a friend that you can bring to my room to join us."

"What exactly do you have in mind?" I move slowly toward her mouth, looking deep into her eyes. I let my hand slide up her small curves, purposely brushing every inch of skin my hand can cover. Slowly slipping my fingers into the hair covering the back of her neck, I grip tightly, pulling her head back with the force of my action. Her eyes widen and she begins to smile.

"You know what I'm after, go find someone." I drop my hand from the grip of her hair and turn to go back into my room.

She's moved from the frozen state she was in earlier. I don't see her right away. If it weren't for the fact that I noticed my closet door was closed earlier, I'd have no idea that she was still in here.

I purposely open the closet door all the way and turn on the light, before I toss my dirty clothes on the floor just inside. Remaining nonchalant is entertaining to me. I should really be nice to the girl I used to call my sister, but that ship sailed a few years ago.

A nice guy would never do what I'm about to do.

The brunette didn't disappoint. Now I'm trying to decide who I should start with. There's a blonde with fake tits and golden brown skin, a red head with fair skin and from what I can tell a very nice set of real tits, and then of course the brunette I met in the hall. I honestly couldn't have chosen them better myself.

All three are half dressed to start with, not that they didn't enter the room sliding their straps down and their shirts off.

I'm deliberately standing with my back to the closet. If Kali is watching, she's got my naked ass as her view with my hand sliding up and down my dick as I try to prepare for this little show.

The girls begin to touch me, not leaving each other out in the process. It has to be their nails sliding across my skin that's bringing this chill to the surface. Although I do love the thought of someone watching me, in the past I always made sure everyone was in on the action. This time that will be different. She'll be watching. I'll feel her eyes on me as I fuck these women and try not to think about her. The woman I used to live with as a child and considered a sister. What kind of fucked up shit am I doing?

I let the thoughts of my actions run through my head while at least two of them drop to their knees. Turning sideways, I give her a better view and the feeling of her watching hits me deep. My dick becomes rock hard knowing she's seeing this and I hate myself for wishing it was her mouth full of my dick. Her tongue running under the full length and giving me that moan of appreciation when she realizes just how long and wide my big dick really is.

Hands are everywhere. I don't have to do a thing. They all know what to do. I stand there with my legs just far enough apart for them to suck on my balls as well. This is a bonus for me. Very few women will put balls in their mouth.

The blonde moves to the bed with both hands pulling me along with her. I let her lead me knowing how this will go. I will fuck all night long. I will hit every angle of each of these women and hold my release until I can barely stand the thought of friction on my dick. This is how I used to do this and until now I didn't think I would want to ever do it again.

I reach for a condom and slip it into place. Getting a view of all the pussy I'm about to fuck, I stand and begin to contemplate this entire thing.

This is a dick move. I know this. She should be walking out of here and not tolerating my shit, yet from what I can tell she's still in that fucking closet hiding as if she's not here.

The women begin to lick and kiss and finger fuck each other. The liquid sounds of smacking in the room fills my ears. Wetness. So much fucking wetness at my disposal.

I dip my fingers deep into the brunette. Pulling her moisture out and leaving it all over her, I let my fingers slide up and down the crack of her ass.

She arches her back and tilts her ass to give me the best view of her in all her glory. So pink inside, so perfectly waxed on the outside. There's nothing prettier than that right there.

Lowering my face, I begin to taste where my dick will be sliding very soon.

I use my hands to lift her hips and spread her open, right before I tongue fuck her. My teeth grip her clit and tug, causing her to scream out as my teeth slide over her clit until it slips from my grip.

Glancing up as I make long strides with my tongue, I catch a glimpse of Kali moving out of the closet. I let my head turn to fully see her face and it's full of disgust. She's slow stepping toward the door trying to leave without a sound, but I need to make a point.

I move quickly toward the door, meeting her just as she reaches it. Her eyes won't meet mine. Her breathing is heavy and her chest is practically bursting out of her shirt. I'm not sure if it's her heart beating, her being turned on, or a combination of both.

She reaches for the knob and I raise my hand over her head to secure the door closed. She's facing it now, head lowered. My naked body gravitates toward her as I try my hardest not to smash her against the cold door and grind on that beautiful body. My dick is reaching for her. Our breaths begin to come simultaneously and I close my eyes before I say these words.

"Why is my sister trying to watch me fuck?" My voice is deep. Grumbly and breathy.

"I'm not your sister."

"Would your mom agree?" She doesn't respond but lowers her head even further. Her hand slides behind her and over the skin that's screaming to touch her. So close to the dick that's practically begging for her. I want this touch. I want to feel her grip, her nails to leave marks so I'll have the memory of her being there. But I can't.

"Kali. You used to refer to me as your brother. Stay the fuck out of my bedroom."

"Or what? You know I'm not the only one feeling like this." She turns to face me. Looking close into my soul, too fucking close to the depths of my thoughts as she moves me closer to her. My naked body is touching hers. Her hips against mine, I lower my forehead to hers and share her air for a few moments of breathing. My arm is still holding the door above her head, but I can't get enough air like this. I'm suffocating.

I pull my eyes away from hers and back away. Her touch is instantly missed.

"Kali, you'd just be another piece of ass. I'd rather not have to live with the fact that I fucked someone I called my sister."

"We aren't even related."

"Family isn't defined by blood. I will never fuck you."

"I miss you, Noah." I miss you too.I can't say this to her, I need her to leave before my internal strength gives in to what I really want.

"Kali. You need to get the fuck out of my house. I don't want you to come back. Just like I told you years ago, this will never happen." Dropping my hand from the door, I turn and walk my naked ass away from her. I'm thinking being naked isn't probably the best way to have that conversation. God damn it. I should've just thrown her out when I saw her in my bedroom at first. But I had to go and try to prove a fucking point that she needs to stay away from me.... And then I end up plastered up against her body, wanting to be deep inside her.

"Yeah, I remember.... It's taboo. Off limits, against the rules. Take care, Noah." The sound of the door closing stops me in my steps, she's gone again. I see the three women on my bed, licking and fucking as if I weren’t even missing from their equation. How is it I was able to tune this out when I was with her? This is every man's dream. Every man but me.

"Get the fuck out."

~Now in KU and FREE for 5 days

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